Discussion: Large loose block above 2nd bolt

  • Started: 11 weeks ago on Mon 25th May 2020

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Rock Large loose block above 2nd bolt

A large crack has appeared and is growing in a block above and left of the second bolt.

Jake Forker replied 11 weeks ago.

Is it on the shark fin? Or a separate block?

Jake Forker replied 11 weeks ago.

I climbed it last night and it seems to be gone??

replied 11 weeks ago.

I haven't actually seen it, but it was reported in the KP management group. We're waiting for someone to have time to inspect it and make a decision on fixing it or pulling it out.

Mark Gamble replied 8 weeks ago.

It's right beside the 2nd bolt.

I don't use this sequence, but it will eventually come out. There are 2 fist-sized blocks that are ratling lose.

replied 8 weeks ago.

Mark Gamble Did it look safe to come out, or would it's removal make the surrounding area more unstable?

I'll be down there tomorrow morning and will bring a crowbar.

Mark Gamble replied 8 weeks ago.

Hey Hipyhop,

It's definitely not supporting the block above it.

But if you're going to go to that extent, why not bring some glue & glue it in? I gather some use this hold?

replied 8 weeks ago.

It's hard to source spare nozzles for Powers Pure150-pro epoxy and it seems a shame to use a nozzle and glue on a non-critical hold. Also depending on the size it may need pinning rather than gluing which is a larger job.

I'll bring the glue tomorrow and see how it looks.

Mark Gamble replied 8 weeks ago.

Too small to pin. These are fist sized blocks. The bottom one slightly larger.

Your call mate; I'm happy to $ the nozzle, epoxy, et. al., if you decide to go down that road.

replied 7 weeks ago.

Hey Mark, hipyhop,

This is a bit off-topic but if unused Powers Pure 150 glue is re-capped as soon as you've finished squirting it into the holes, how much longer will it keep in the tubes before going off?



zac replied 7 weeks ago.

Adrian there a use by date on the bottle. Once you've opened it if you store it correctly it should be good till the use by date. Have you finished bolting that route or are there still just holes in the cliff?

replied 7 weeks ago.

Zac, thanks for this information. Still just holes. Will be going back on Wednesday to finish the job. I bought the glue last week. Use-by date is some time well into 2021.

See separate message.   A.

Mark Gamble replied 7 weeks ago.

I heard that there was discussion about a possible loose block higher up?

Just wondering if it's these someone is referring to? These are pinned by the block above - which in turn has been pinned by Council.

Mark Gamble replied 7 weeks ago.

Or is it regarding the knife blade lower down?

replied 7 weeks ago.

hipyhop I did some gluing today using Powers 150 Pure. Afterwards I was able to wash the nozzle clean using mains pressure tap water, for subsequent use. Adrian.

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