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  • Started: 10 weeks ago on Tue 26th May 2020

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Danny van Bruggen logged a warning 10 weeks ago. Resolved

Access Current COVID-19 rules

Most crags have been reopened but not for individual climbers, only club related activity is allowed. All clubs must announce their activities to the federation beforhand and must have KBF/CAB permission. There also has to be a COVID-responisble person among the group.

Resolved Wed Jul 1 2020

No warning needed anymore, I think:

VictorV replied 9 weeks ago.

Hi! Does this include bouldering as well or only sport top routes on rockwall?

Danny van Bruggen replied 9 weeks ago.

VictorV replied 9 weeks ago.

Ok thanks!

Resolved Danny van Bruggen - Wed Jul 1 2020

Jef Van Alsenoy replied 4 weeks ago.


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