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  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Tue 9th Jun 2020

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Alexander Jones logged a warning 8 weeks ago. Active

Access Entire area covered in freshly broken glass

We cleaned under the prow and in the bong hole but it would take a solid hour or two to clean the rest. Every section of flat ground is covered in smashed cruisers and beers. It covers all three: prow, bong hole, highball. Really sad, please be careful.

Alexander Jones replied 4 weeks ago.

UPDATE: Still covered in glass but ground beneath the climbs are 90% clean. Careful with syringes around too.

Jamie Cameron replied 4 weeks ago.

Climbed here today, just a heads up some legend (I presume Alexander Jones) has left a few bin bags and a set of gloves to collect any glass you encounter where ‘the bong hole’ starts. If everyone does a sweep at the end of their sesh hopefully we can clear the last few pieces and no one will get hurt 🤙

Alexander Jones replied 4 weeks ago.

Hey Jamie! I also saw that garbo bag in the bong hole; that wasn't us. Super thankful though. Need a dust pan for the flat seating boulders around hey. If we can all grab a few pieces, it'll be clean in no time.

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