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Norway Web-Cover

Hello Climbers in Norway,

we are looking for a cover image for Norway, something representative of your country. Not necessarily climbing but outdoor related, sea, rock, ... . Have a look at these examples as inspiration:

Also, if someone would like to write up a short climbing related intro to Norway you are more than welcome!

Thanks for all your contributions, stay safe and happy climbing


Christer Honoré-Livermore replied 7 weeks ago.

Hi Ulfi, how do we submit suggestions to you?

replied 7 weeks ago.

just copy the URL of the photo detail page here like for this good candidate:

replied 5 weeks ago.

Christer Honoré-Livermore any suggestions? Thanks!

Christer Honoré-Livermore replied 4 weeks ago.

My only suggestion is this:

However I don't know how well it fits the cover format.

Christer Honoré-Livermore replied 4 weeks ago.

For some more dramatic and mountainous view, almost any of the webcovers from Lofoten (Northern Norway) could be suggested:

replied 4 weeks ago.

Thanks for that, I picked one - feel free to change if you feel something is better. Anyone up for a short intro on climbing in Norway? Cheers!

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