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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Tue 16th Jun 2020

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Fynn started this discussion 7 weeks ago.


Hey guys, I'm just getting into trad, do you have any tips for a new trad climber in NZ? Thanks!

Patrick Munnings replied 7 weeks ago.

Get on 'The Crack" @ Hospital Flat near Wanaka. It's sick!

Troy Kendall replied 6 weeks ago.

Would rate nice set of jugs behind the Tombstone even more tbh, got way cooler moves!

Fynn replied 6 weeks ago.

thanks, but I was thinking more general advice.

Patrick Munnings replied 6 weeks ago.

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Fynn replied 6 weeks ago.


Christian Gamst replied 6 weeks ago.

Find someone who does and learn everything you can from them. Follow them and clean their gear for them. You'll learn a lot about what a proper placement looks like and by taking gear out you should also be learning how to place it (you just put in reverse to how you took it out). Basically, learn from someone experienced and knows what they're doing.

In addition to that - watch a bunch of YouTube videos, there's literally thousands and you can learn a lot.

Practice placing gear anywhere you can find - walk around the base of crags just placing gear. Test the placements to see them carry weight.

If you're looking to start buying gear - I'd suggest getting a set of nuts to start. They're relatively inexpensive and great for practicing. Cams are great, but they're expensive and sometimes there's just no replacement for a nut. Plus you should be able to find some routes you can climb entirely on one set of nuts - it forces you to be creative and look for placements which is a great skill to have.

Miles Mason Winther replied 6 weeks ago.

Proceed with caution, there's lots of low quality rock and poorly protected routes in NZ.

replied 6 weeks ago.

check VDiff climbing

While it will never replace a course, or mentor, or practical experience, it is an amazing ressource to learn a lot of theory with clear diagrams.

Different PDFs cover a lot of topics from sport to trad to big wall to aid.

I personnaly enjoyed them greatly and learned a lot through them followed by careful practice sessions.

+1 for Christian message: your first trag gear purchase should be a nutpick, and using it following traddies around.

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