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  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Tue 16th Jun 2020

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Access National Forest Office and County landowners have forbidden climbing

The cliffs are not anymore considered as "sport crags" but are changing to "trad crags". This status will prevent landowners to be prosecuted for responsibility in the case of an accident. National Forest Office and County landowners had forbidden climbing after the federation had stopped the climbing contracts with french landowners. Please contact local advocacy groups for latest details.

Jef Van Alsenoy replied 8 weeks ago.

I haven't been following the topic lately, but is this in general lines the new strategy? To consider crags as 'not maintained'? Or what do you mean by trad crags?

replied 8 weeks ago.

Yeah I'm waiting for more details - just recived the info from the local association as the official statement was that climbing is banned - it seems a bit softer that way but i have no details yet.

Thomas Katz replied 7 weeks ago.

Hello, according to an article in on June 12 2020, a temporary total ban on 3/4 of the sectors has been lifted, the climbing is not forbidden anymore, but as Ulfi mentioned, the maintenance/liabilty-contract between the private owners and the French Mountain & Climbing Federation FFME has not been renewed, so climbers climbing at their own risks. This decision was taken after a climnbing accident, where a liability-claim led to a damage-fee of 1,6 million € to be paid by the federation, which almost ruined them. The federation is now in discussion with local communities like to take over the responsability/liabilty for the maintenance, as they get the revenues from the "climbing tourism" spending money in the areas. If such a deal comes to life, the crags might get back to their "maintained area"-status.

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