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  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Thu 18th Jun 2020

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Koczur K. Richard started this discussion 8 weeks ago.

Need your help with my study about climbing performance

Dear Climbers

For my graduation as a data scientist I choose climbing as my field of study. I would like to research about the correlations between anatomy, lifestyle and climbing performance. To achieve this I will need your help. Please fill out this form if you have about 10 minutes. I would be most grateful:)

Freddie Chopin replied 8 weeks ago.

The last page is really ambiguous. Should people select the grade for whatever style they want (RP/OS/FL) or maybe only the best or the worst? It would be OK if it would be mentioned explicitly whether some answers can be skipped in this page too. If someone doesn't do any - say - chimney climbing, then it would be better to skip it instead of selecting something.

Koczur K. Richard replied 8 weeks ago.

You don't have to tick every row at the last two questions. If you don't do chimney, or don't climb outdoor boulders, simply don't answer for that particular row.

you should select the highest grade you can climb no matter if it is RP, FL or OS. But if I have to would be mostly RP

replied 8 weeks ago.

So, normally I go to the climbing gym 1-3 times a week...but in these times of Covid... I haven't been in 3 months. How to answer?

Koczur K. Richard replied 8 weeks ago.

Think about your performance when you went to the gym 1-3 times.

Alfonso replied 7 weeks ago.

On the last two questions you should answer every row if you know your hardest grade on the style or just said wich is the hardest route done in that style?

Cause in my case here in Spain there isn't that many craks where I use to go climbing and the hardest one I have tried was 6b but I guess I could do more. And for top rope I just guessed wich level would it be cause I don't remember last time I did top rope.

Koczur K. Richard replied 7 weeks ago.

You don't have to answer all the rows, only the ones you certain about.

Tobias Auth replied 7 weeks ago.

I never tried a 7b+ chimney but I think I'd be fine. So I went with that. Any 7b+ chimneys in Frankenjura Christoph Rauch ?

replied 7 weeks ago.

Oh, I've been doing one that's graded 5a, but felt like 7b+! Does that count?

Jonathan Bright replied 6 weeks ago.

"Please check in the following matrix the highest grade you can climb without fall or rest in the rope for each route style. (redpoint, flash, on-sight)" is outdoor only?

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