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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Tue 23rd Jun 2020

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Chris Ferre started this discussion 7 weeks ago.


I thought I would post this here as it may have a bigger reach than my Facebook Page.

I have had my giant climbing rack stolen in Boronia. I realise that most of the gear is largely unidentifiable, but there are items which would give it all away, such as the abundance of big gear.

Here is a list of everything that has been stolen. This is my infamous Offwidth Crack Rack. Some of it is bespoke such as my VG's, and are only one of two sets in the country. If you hear or see anything on Facebook or Gumtree etc, please let me know. No questions asked reward if anyone can get it all back to me. If you hear of anything please let me know on here or on Facebook.

HARNESS and stuff connected to it:

1 x Misty Mountain Caddilac Harness Large

1 x Neptune Mountaineering Chalk Bag

1 x La Sportiva TC Pros size 43 with BD Biner

1 x La Sportiva Katanas size 42.5 with BD Biner

1 x Crack Gloves

1 x Petzl Orange Connect with Petzl Biner

1 x Petzl Spatha Climbing Knife

1 x Metolius Nut Tool

1 x Wild Country Nut Tool

1 x GriGri with Biner

1 x ATC with Biner

1 x MicroTraxion (Orange)

2 x MiniTraxion (Red)

ROPE: 70 Meter Petzl 9.1 Orange and Pink Rope

(All with Matching Biners)

1 x 12” Valley Giant Cam

1 x 9” Valley Giant Cam

C4 Cams 4 x 6” Black Diamond Cam Green

4 x 5” Black Diamond Cam Purple

1 x 4.5 Old Black Diamond Cam

3 x 4” Black Diamond Cam Grey

1 x 3.5 OLD Black Diamond Cam

4 x 3” Black Diamond Cam Blue

4 x 2” Black Diamond Cam Yellow

3 x 1” Black Diamond Cam Red

2 x .75 Black Diamond Cam Green

3 x .5 Black Diamond Cam Purple

2 x .4 Black Diamond Cam Grey

2 x .3 Black Diamond Cam Blue

C3 Cams 2 x 000 Black Diamond Cam Grey

1 x 00 Black Diamond Cam Purple

X4 Cams 2 x 0.1 Red Black Diamond Cam

1 x 0.2 Yellow Black Diamond Cam


2 x DMM OFFSETS Small (PNuts)

1 x DMM Wallnuts

DRAWS 10 x Black Diamond QuickDraws

8 x Black Diamond Alpine Draws (4 x 30cm and 4 x 60cm)

6 x Slings 60cm BD

6 x Slings 30cm BD

2 x Slings 120cm BD

4 x DMM Lockers Red and Blue

4 x Trango Lockers Blue and Silver

1 x DMM Big Boy Locker (Tri Lock)

15ish PFH Bolt Plates

1 x 7 Meter Black Cordelette

Mark Gamble replied 7 weeks ago.

Very sad to hear this Chris.



May i ask: what is a "VG"?

Paul replied 7 weeks ago.

was it stolen at the crag or was it in your car?????

replied 7 weeks ago.

VG= Valley giant ie massive cams. Look like boat anchors

replied 7 weeks ago.


This is a serious loss. We all hope you succeed in getting it back.


replied 7 weeks ago.

Sorry to hear this mate. Good luck.

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