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The Playground, Mt. Stuart and Castle Hill:

I've never climbed in Townsville or surrounds, and am wondering what the most family-friendly spot is for some easy trad or sport climbing. The Playground stood out because of the toprope option, but how "kid-friendly" is the base where the climbs start? It's mid-cliff, right? Looking at The Playground and also Castle Hill. Any advice about crag suitability for climbing, as far as loose rock etc. or any other suggestions for family-friendly climbing in Tville area would be welcome! Cheers!

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Hi Jelena,

Truthfully tsv doesnt have any 100% kid friendly areas (like kangaroo point), although the playground will be the best option. there are edges so if your kids arent old enough to understand the risks, then i may suggest a leash.

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Are you heading up that way soon? If so, for how long?


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Thanks Christopher Glastonbury! My kids have enough age/experience/sense to be careful near edges, luckily. Just wondering if it's well-trafficked, or whether there's lots of loose rock (the Playground).

The only beginner climbs that I could really find are Drainpipe and Smiley..and maybe Holiday. Happy Wanderer sounds good but what's the deal with that as far as being on defense land- can you start the climb from the base? I'd like to lead some of the easier ones but not if there's sparse gear and sandbagged grades? Thanks for the local info!

Adrian Woodcraft just for July..a driving holiday with the family!

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no promises on loose rock, but mt stuart is generally solid and the top is clear of choss. castle hill is more friable and there arent really any good areas to spread out at the base. the best area for modest grades is the rh end of the playground, from warlock to drainpipe. take a short rope to for the natural TR setups. the routes arent sandbagged like all of the frog under 18’s!

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Thanks! That's really useful feedback. The comparison with Frog is a perfect reference point haha. Good to know! Yep, I'll be sure to take a rope for the anchor setups. Would have loved to check out Frederick Peak but maybe another time-not the most family-friendly place!

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