Discussion: Invalid location in boulders in most (all?) subareas of Kalmit

  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Thu 25th Jun 2020

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Freddie Chopin started this discussion 7 weeks ago.

Invalid location in boulders in most (all?) subareas of Kalmit

Most (all?) boulders in subareas of Kalmit have invalid lat/lon coordinates, located somewhere in Algeria, which in turn affects how all the parent regions (like Germany) are displayed on the map. Possibly removing the coordinates (or fixing them) and waiting for a while for a cache refresh is enough, but I'm not entirely sure about that - an admin would have to step here and answer that.

replied 7 weeks ago.

Freddie Chopin your proposed approach is quite right. i have done some location editing. But as mentioned the cache will take some time. Could you please recheck in a week?

Freddie Chopin replied 7 weeks ago.

Nicky - I've checked a few boulders from this area and they all have exactly the same value for lat/lon - "28.65823, 4.03601". Maybe it would be possible to just mass-delete these two values from all the routes in this area? Maybe you have some better tools in the backend of the website to do that?

EDIT: Hmm... it seems that you already did that, yet the pages for individual routes still show the location. Maybe that's also cached, as when I try to edit anything the coordinates are gone. We'll see in July (;

replied 7 weeks ago.

Hi Freddie, these incorrect coordinates should be my previous trial to sort the issue out, see

Deleting wrong coordinate has a known bug that it doesn't reset the location, but keep the last one.

I tried to input "roughly" correct values and waited for cache to reset, but never checked again. If the value above is wrong, there may be a problem in the coord display during map editing (or i simply messed up)

Freddie Chopin replied 7 weeks ago.

So it seems that probably the only way for now would be to input approximate coordinates for all boulders in Kalmit. Hopefully some German editor can do that, as I have quite a lot of editing in Poland (;

replied 7 weeks ago.

I see at that time i did input

49.31636, 8.07186

as rough approximate, which after verification on gmaps does fall roughly in Kalmit.

But i didnt realize the scope of the mess to correct. I'll go though and overwrite for now all the 28,4 i see.

I really wonder how all of these boulders got to receive the identical wrong value

replied 7 weeks ago.

It seems that doing a bulk edit of an area, putting coordinate in 1 route only does apply that location to all the routes. So i assume the wrong coordinate was brought in at a stage when maybe all the Kalmit sub-boulders were not defined ?

Now i bulk edited each boulder, and put the approximate coordinate in one route at least in each.

As a result they show all "partially located" on the index. This seemed to have replaced the wrong coordinates in all the individual route pages, and did apparently reset the map of each boulder as well.

Let's see if the map of Kalmit itself and ancestors will then reset back to normal.

Freddie Chopin replied 5 weeks ago.

Germany is still displayed as partially in Africa (;

replied 5 weeks ago.

Hum. Thanks for the reminder. All the subareas where now correctly displaying, but Kalmit itself not.

I just now edited slightly its drawn location, that recalculated the boundary box and corrected its display since all children were previously corrected. And Westpfalz + Germany updated automatically as well.


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