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  • Started: 4 weeks ago on Wed 1st Jul 2020

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Support theCrag started this discussion 4 weeks ago.

Offensive name

This climb name has been reported as offensive. According to our policy and our current Stance as per this forum discussion the original name has been temporarily replaced by "Sanitize review" We invite the First Ascensionist to propose a new name.

Thank you for your understanding and for using theCrag!

Monty Curtis replied 4 weeks ago.

Are you contacting the first ascentist? Many of these routes date back decades - it is highly unlikely they use thecrag.

replied 4 weeks ago.

When I read the admin's original post, I THOUGHT it said the name under review would be moved to a clickable field called AKA.

But none of the various climbs named "Sanitize review" (and yes, on an Australian website, it SHOULD be "sanitise") seem to have AKA fields, so how do we know what the removed name was?

Hence, how can we form or express an opinion about whether or not it is offensive?

The AKA field supports the presumption of innocence; its absence expresses the presumption of guilt.

Benjimin replied 23 days ago.

The original name (which has indeed been retained in the AKA field but currently tagged offensive) is a well known pejorative for Native Americans. Considering the theme used for naming other routes within this "Indian Wall"[sic] section, we can be pretty confident that this is how most people were expected to interpret the name in this context.

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