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  • Started: 4 weeks ago on Thu 2nd Jul 2020

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Mark Gamble logged a warning 4 weeks ago. Resolved

Access Planned closures

QPWS are planning to do more burn-offs along the top of Mt. French after the school holidays. Localised closures.

Resolved Wed Jul 8 2020

Nikhilesh Sharma replied 4 weeks ago.

Hey Mark, do you know when the plan to start and how long it might go for. Thanks.

Mark Gamble replied 4 weeks ago.

Hey Nik,

No, not at this stage. School hols run till Monday 13th. They need to reduce the fuel load on the plateau and Winter time is, unfortunately, the only time that they are allowed to do burn-offs.

I have a good line with the Boonah Office ranger & will keep the Frog page updated asap.

Nikhilesh Sharma replied 4 weeks ago.

Thanks Mark.

Resolved Mark Gamble - Wed Jul 8 2020

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