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  • Started: 8 months ago on Wed 5th Aug 2020

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Filipe Madeira started this discussion 8 months ago.

How to remove the location of an area?

replied 8 months ago.

This is a admin only function. What area you would like to alter and why?


Evan Wells replied 8 months ago.

Haha good luck.

Filipe Madeira replied 8 months ago.

Some time ago I edited the location of the Barao de Cocais area ( But now I have already inserted locality for all sub areas. This no longer needs to show the location of the area.

I would like it to look like this:

Filipe Madeira replied 8 months ago.

Hi Nicky, what is your decision about removing the location of the BarĂ£o de Cocais area? The map will look cleaner.

replied 8 months ago.

Filipe Madeira after a first look, the division of areas seems a little messy in this example.

Sometimes it can be difficult for an editor to differ between region, area, crag and cliff and to define the best subdivision (see the doc-article about area-types for details).

If something like this occures in my area, I first try to do a correct division, change the area's types and relations to a locigal order (reparenting). Maybe it needs a parent region/area. But after that the areas' shapes and localization seem more reasonable.

I think this is what you want--not deleting a localization, but doing a proper mapping.

replied 8 months ago.

Hi sorry for the later answer. I aggre with Mel that in this case it looks not realy as a wrong location.

There is no reason to draw the boundary so narrow around the sectors. I would expand it more to a convex shape.

Instead of deleting the one I would rather add a boundary around that area as well.

Some search algorithms based on geolocation are based on the assumption that the parents of a crag have overlapping borders.

I hope that helps.


Filipe Madeira replied 8 months ago.

Yes, it was enlightening. I'm going to leave the location and draw the boundary as Nick proposed. Thanks Nick and Mel.

replied 6 weeks ago.

I just stumbled over a similar it not possible (anymore) to change the area type of a crag?

I'm pretty sure that I changed area types in the past, but couldn't find a solution/answer right now.

Does it depend on the type? Is it admin-only? As I created the crag before, it should not be a question of permission ;-/

the edit form looks like this at the moment:

replied 6 weeks ago.

It very much depends on the index level. So for example only admins can edits countries and first level sub areas of countries.

But there is a rare situation where you can create a area but have not the right permission.

Can you please send a link to the area in question.

replied 6 weeks ago.

Nicky there's already a link (hidden behind the word "crag")

replied 6 weeks ago.

aaah, thanks for the fast support!

(Christoph Rauch it's not hidden, it's hyperlinked! thx for the hint thou)

replied 5 weeks ago.

In regards to the permission issue, from memory we have a business rule that means you have to have higher permission rights to change some crags from a top level crag as this has processing implications for the system

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