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  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Wed 30th Sep 2020

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Guidebooks feature?

Does anyone know how the Guidebooks feature is supposed to work?

In the places where I looked at the link it was always empty. I've just recently added information about local guidebooks to the Description section of a crag. Now I'm wondering whether Guidebooks would be the appropriate place.

Couldn't find this in the documentation. Maybe an admin feature?

replied 8 weeks ago.

Australia has some linked Guidebooks.

Seems like you can only add those links as a publisher?

replied 8 weeks ago.

This comment has been removed.

replied 8 weeks ago.

Yes, this is a publisher only function that we currently do not use any more.

replied 8 weeks ago.

I like the idea of having a kind of bibliography, so that you can enter all the source material for a certain node (possibly country wide) and refer to it from various subnodes ("this crag was first described in Abc in 1998")

replied 8 weeks ago.

Hey guys, there are several issues being discussed on github. Please contribute your opinions there:

Some of them are quite old. May be we can bring them back to life

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