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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Sun 4th Oct 2020

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danisahni started this discussion 7 weeks ago.

Plain list all routes of an area

Is there a feature to display all routes of an area/crag, where the routes are stored in sub-areas/sectors/cliffs etc.? Display a flattened hierarchy so to say.

It would make it easier to log your ascents of a day, if you climbed at several sectors. Now I have to navigate to each sector and log the routes. Not a big deal, but maybe there is already some feature like that and I am just too blind

Thanks for the great work, anyways!

Greetings Daniel

replied 7 weeks ago.

Hi Daniel,

on each index page, directly next to the heading with the name of the crag, there is a link with a filter symbol which leads to a facet page with all the routes in the crag.

However, you cannot multi-select routes in facet views, unfortunately, so at the moment it would be more effort than opening the sectors in separate tabs …

Would be great to have a selection feature on facet pages!

danisahni replied 7 weeks ago.

Hi Christoph, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I found the list now, but unfortunately without the multi-select

replied 6 weeks ago.

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replied 6 weeks ago.

We have been playing around with an interface optimized for ticking as you suggest. It is currently in use for some competitions. There is still a bit of work to expose this in the main crags index

replied 6 weeks ago.

+1 this would be useful

Susy G replied 5 weeks ago.

I agree! Would be a useful feature

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