Discussion: Adding fixed ropes to access?

  • Started: 3 months ago on Tue 6th Oct 2020

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Sam Pfeiffer started this discussion 3 months ago.

Adding fixed ropes to access?

Hello, I went to sublime point this weekend (binary cave) and I noticed there weren't (mostly) any fixed ropes on the approach. I have an old rope I could donate to make it a bit safer. Would it be ok if I add some pieces of it in a couple of particularly slippery places in the approach?

Edit: I remember there being a few before.

Monty Curtis replied 3 months ago.

Hi Sam, please don't add ropes. We have found the fixed ropes are accelerating the erosion on that track as they a) brush back and forth against the dirt when people use them b) make people less cautious and thus kick the dirt out more.

Today I witnessed a group of 20+ school kids making it down fine without the extra ropes. If anyone feels a bit scared please use your own ropes for safety and take them with you when you leave. We are climbers after all.

Hopefully some better track stablization will occur in the near future.

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