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replied 7 weeks ago.

Send Climbing Knee Pads IMO.

Tobias Auth replied 7 weeks ago.

On Kalymnos, I bought a selfmade kneebad that is made of some kind of neoprene sleeve with rubber on top. It's better than I ever thought. But I also have a send climbing knee pad. That's even more secure of course. Of all the commercially sold pads that definitely the way to go.

replied 7 weeks ago.

Using Send too, the only drawback is the price

Chris Hailey replied 7 weeks ago.

I use the SEND knee pads, made a review about them some time ago if you want to check it out 😃 conclusion of the review, if you need one the middle size one is prob best/most useful 😂

Evan Wells replied 7 weeks ago.

Back in '87 I could bunny hop my pk ripper over a small child. My brother. I would tie him to a treestump so he didnt move. Many girls were impressed with how high I could bunny hop my bmx, and I was just gaining an interest in them, first with Marie from Roxette, then 'on the feild' that was my local neighbourhood. Yes, I was pretty good at BMX alright, but my knees began giving way at a young age. I found that as my bmx skills waned, so did the attention I received from the local girls. I was probably on my way to professional but did not pad them for the future in mind. Nowadays I use Haro bar pads and rarely 'blue goose' as pushing the limits of extreme sports is behind me. Im 46 and enjoy trading small shares on my phone and fishing for my kids. Haro pads are a wise choice for the protecting of most body.

replied 7 weeks ago.

Lovely story, Evan. Now I'd like to see Tom Randall climbing offwidths with Haro elbow pads.

viceionic replied 7 weeks ago.

Recoil suspension system knee pads although it's kind of bulky when it comes to looks. But overall, it's a good one.

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Jason McCarthy replied 7 weeks ago.

Send Pads whilst not perfect seem to be the best out there. Downsides are the material rips where it touches the rock on the forward edge and they don't fit chunky legs the best.

Tobias Auth replied 7 weeks ago.

True. I used mine on maybe 30 climbing days and there are fragile spots on tje non-rubber material. Not too bad though.

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