Discussion: Lots of rock, no routes listed in Nashville

  • Started: 6 weeks ago on Sun 11th Oct 2020

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Max Khameleon started this discussion 6 weeks ago.

Lots of rock, no routes listed in Nashville

Hi Craggers, I'm looking for places to climb around Nashville (i.e. 20 mins from the city) and there is nothing except climbing gyms. Are there any other places to climb around the city that I'm missing? This surprises me b/c I've climbed all over the world and there is always a place to rope up even if it is not an "official" bolted sport rout. I'm a trad climber and a proud top roper who just loves being on rocks but no one around Nashville seems to do that. Am I missing something? Is it illegal? I grew up in New Mexico where you can camp on BLM land anywhere but in the East coast you have to have a permit everywhere. Are there more spots to climb around Nashville that I'm missing? I know the "big spots" e.g. Foster Falls, Sand Rock, etc but those are all 2-3 hour drives away. Thanks.

replied 6 weeks ago.

Hi Max, best to post also in Forum for Foster falls or similar so some locals might see it. Good luck! And please add it to theCragh if you find something

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