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Evan Wells replied 6 weeks ago.

What are you talking about. There has been coronavirus every day of my life. I have not stopped climbing , have you? Why? Specifically, why?

Mark Rewi replied 6 weeks ago.

Well Ev... there are a lot of folk who literally don’t have a crag within 5k of their homes in Melbourne. Some of us have been lucky in that regard... though I have found myself questioning how lucky it is to have Victorian granite Black Hill styles close to home more than once! Luckily it’s an acquired taste! As for me... once the borders are open I’m off to TAS. And if they don’t open I’m learning how to kayak. Unfinished business in the deep dark south awaits!

replied 6 weeks ago.

Evan Wells Why purposefully misinterpret her question? Obviously there are currently travel restrictions for many people around the world this year due to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. It was not this way last year. I doubt you have failed to notice this. That is what she was referring to. The fact that there are also seasonal coronavirus strains that have circulated for decades is besides the point (since they don't cause as much mortality and morbidity as SARS-CoV-2). Unless of course you are some sort of anti-science conspiracy theorist?

replied 6 weeks ago.

(Personally I would be keen to try some sport climbing in Australia and Switzerland when that sort of travel is easy and safe again.)

replied 6 weeks ago.

Personally, I will cross the Tasman and bid farewell to Dyurite Arapiles just as soon as I am able.

Mike Daws replied 6 weeks ago.

Oh man. I'm suffering Araps withdrawal; it's now been a full year since I was allowed to cross the imaginary border and climb there. Wanna swap places (and ID) and live at my place in the Blueys for a month?!

replied 5 weeks ago.

I think you'd find Waikato cragging a bit average...

Andrew Baird replied 5 weeks ago.

Better than Auckland cragging though John Pitcairn ;-)

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