Discussion: Merge routes without losing drawn topo

  • Started: 5 weeks ago on Tue 20th Oct 2020

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Merge routes without losing drawn topo

Has anybody discovered a reliable way on how to merge two routes without losing the drawn topo?


  • Route A has drawn topo
  • Route B does not have a drawn topo

I want to merge Route A and B. Sometimes the topo of Route A remains, sometimes it gets removed after the merge.

So far, I haven't been able to identify exactly when this is happening. I believe it has something to do with the order in which they are selected, or their internal order number.

In any case, it's annoying if you lose a drawn topo.

As for the background: sometimes you create a route in accident, or too many (duplicate) routes have been created in the past and you want to clean up a crag.

replied 5 weeks ago.

Dominik the difference is probbaly on which route you start the merge process. As per the help article and my memory, the one you start on "get's lost" - please observe and let me know if you think this is wrong.

replied 5 weeks ago.

For what it's worth, my observations agree with Ulfi.

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