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  • Started: 4 weeks ago on Tue 27th Oct 2020

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Joss Barquín started this discussion 4 weeks ago.

Sell items

Does anybody knows if we are allowed to post items to sell? Not as a shop, but things we bought and either didn't fit or don't use anymore

replied 4 weeks ago.

I did in the past.

Fynn replied 4 weeks ago.

I don't see why not

Patrick Munnings replied 4 weeks ago.

Seems as good a place as any.

replied 4 weeks ago.

But, I'd suggest NOT doing it at the "World" level -- pick something with a much smaller geographic reach.

Jef Van Alsenoy replied 4 weeks ago.

David Gibbs Amen!

Joss Barquín replied 4 weeks ago.

David Gibbs haha correct... i would do it in my local crag... i live in mexico and not planning to sell it to someone in the other side of the world haha

Joss Barquín replied 4 weeks ago.

thank you all for your comments... there's no better place to find a buyer for climbing gear than here

Thomas Weber replied 4 weeks ago.

For me this is a site for finding route information and a logging tool. This is a global forum so if it would become a buy and sell site the amount of irrelevant information could kill it in my opinion. Already have that problem in some FB groups on climbing...

Luke Doherty replied 4 weeks ago.

I agree with Thomas Weber.

Joss Barquín replied 4 weeks ago.

all comments and opinions are welcomed, i think that as long as we discussed or trade climbing related topics/items, it shouldnt lose the idea of the forum.

the idea is not to promote shop items, but personal items that we might not use, might not fit, etc...besides there's always the sbject in each discussion

replied 4 weeks ago.

Thanks for this discussion. So far we very pretty tolerant with things like that as long as they remained local, personal and climbing related. We'll keep an eye on it and as long as it stays at a level as it is right now, we don't see any problems. We might consider different approaches and technical solutions if this becomes a need for a wider community.

Joss Barquín replied 29 days ago.

Thank you Ulfi for the comments. i do see an opportunity to create a sell forum

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