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  • Started: 12 weeks ago on Tue 3rd Nov 2020

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dayaghana84 started this discussion 12 weeks ago.

Climbing Technique Resources

I don't know if I am expecting too much or I am missing all the stuff that is out there but there seems to be a lack of good quality technique and movement resources about. There are millions of training articles, exercises etc but very little beyond the absolute basics when it comes to technique.

I would love to see video series where coaches take climbers through difficult moves / problems and help them perfect the technique required to send / economise their movement. When I see a video on technique it is usually "this is a backstep, this is a rockover" and its on massive holds and aimed at beginners. Either that or we are watching pro climbers go up hard climbs with no real pointers on what they are doing.

I want to learn more about generating motion from my hips and getting weight through feet and this is the sort of thing that is quite body position dependent so seems like something that could be demonstrated well on video.

I know there are the gresham masterclass videos but again, these are teaching a simple technique on favourable holds that doesn't necessarily help with things get hard.

So are resources like this available or is this something that just isn't out there yet.

replied 12 weeks ago.

My first thought on this was The Self-Coached Climber by Dan Hague and Douglas Hunter, which has both diagrams and descriptions, but also came with a DVD of demonstrations.

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