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  • Started: 9 weeks ago on Tue 24th Nov 2020

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juliagrz started this discussion 9 weeks ago.

Help me with my university bouldering project!

Hi everyone!

I am currently doing a study on technology with a focus on outdoor bouldering apps. If you could take 5 minutes to take my survey I would be extremely grateful, as you will be helping me complete my project, receive a better mark and perhaps get a chance to reflect on what kind of app we actually need when climbing outdoors.

I'd like to say thank you in advance and I wish everyone a great day! 🧗‍♀️☀️

Here is the link:

replied 9 weeks ago.

Does count as an app for the purposes of this survey?

replied 9 weeks ago.

An offline version of with slightly streamlined topo editing would be good enough for me.

replied 9 weeks ago.

Seconding sergeys point

Would love the crag to be an app.

The functionality on mobile isnt always the best

replied 9 weeks ago.

Is this really worth spamming the entire world forum for?

replied 9 weeks ago.

It's the time of year when students who don't have their act together spam rock climbing groups worldwide with their desperate last minute "surveys". I'm awfully tempted to point a spambot at them.

replied 8 weeks ago.

We are working hard on the app guys! Thanks to all the supporters without them we couldn't do it. We will beta test in some very few countries in Europe in the forseeable future. YOu will learn more soon.

As for this being spam, it is close but we decided to leave it up. If it happens more often we will remove such posts.

Mark Gamble replied 8 weeks ago.

John Pitcairn: ROFL ;-)

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