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  • Started: 12 weeks ago on Fri 11th Dec 2020

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John Ssebaale started this discussion 12 weeks ago.

New rock climbing project

Greeting team, we are introducing rock climbing in our area in Eastern Uganda in Kapchorwa district not far from Sipi river. We which to work with a professional and experienced climber developing this project. Any one out there that can assist or give us pointers/references? This area has alot of potential for rock climbing. My contact details: whatsapp +256755003302 email: Best regards

John Ssebaale

replied 12 weeks ago.

Hi John Ssebaale, are you in contact with the Mountain Club of Uganda? If not it is a good palce to start. Also, we would be more than happy to see your new developments on theCrag! Happy development! Ulf

replied 12 weeks ago.

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Frank Evans replied 12 weeks ago.

Hello John Ssebaale. In your area for development, is the rock a limestone?

replied 12 weeks ago.

Have you talked to Matt Battani? He may be another good starting point.

Jef Van Alsenoy replied 11 weeks ago.

Wow that's such a cool request, wish I was there...

Tim Birkenbach replied 10 weeks ago.

As soon as traveling is allowed again, super happy to assist with the development. It's there anywhere to review some pictures of the area? Is there potential for bordering too?

Matt Battani replied 10 weeks ago.

There is lots of potential in Uganda. I posted 120 routes a couple years ago. Definitely potential for bolting in and around Kapchorwa (Sipi Falls). The rock is often soft, so I don't see trad potential over there. There is trad potential in parts of Acholi and Karamoja.

Cory Richardson replied 10 weeks ago.

I put up a route on Mt. Wanale in 2009... near the town of Mbale. Just one pitch of 5.9 with five bolts hand-drilled... and I rapped from the top of the cliff, leaving bolts each time I rapped. The people living on top the cliff watched as I went down and shouted "Masaba, Masaba!" I told them my name was Masaba, as that is what the woman I lived with called me. Later I was listening to the radio and heard a song that said, "a Mzungu named Masaba is sitting on a rock on Mt. Wanale." It was confirmed they wrote a song about me. How crazy is that? Here are some pics:

Cory Richardson replied 10 weeks ago.

If anyone wants to add me on facebook... please do... I will go back to Uganda one day and would be keen to have a partner to climb with. I am curious if anyone knows of routes on Mt. Rwenzori... or is making plans.

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