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  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Sun 27th Dec 2020

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Ed started this discussion 8 weeks ago.

Deep water solo

Hey dudes, hope everyone's had a great Christmas. I was wondering if anyone knows any good places for deep water solo around the Sydney region

replied 8 weeks ago.


Gavin replied 8 weeks ago.

Or at slightly lower grades, Jerusalem bay is also good

Jack Folkes replied 8 weeks ago.

Nowra has some good stuff at Big Red.

Ed replied 8 weeks ago.

yeh that sounds sweet, cheers guys

Ed replied 8 weeks ago.

Whats craftys

Gavin replied 7 weeks ago.

Craftys is a DWS site in the Hawkesbury river, just search it in the crag, it will show up

Nick H replied 7 weeks ago.

Craftys is great! Might want to be carful of water quality following lots of rain though

Ed replied 24 days ago.

Yeh sweet

Ed replied 24 days ago.

do you reckon that you could climb manly jump rock

replied 19 days ago.

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Donald Gibson replied 16 days ago.

Jerusalem Bay - not quite as high or scary as Craftys and you can walk to it

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