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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Mon 11th Jan 2021

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Dean Kabbout started this discussion 7 weeks ago.

Crag Cameras

I am also a surfer and there is a website many surfers used called coastal. On this website they have webcams for many popular beaches, it is financially supported through the used of donations, ads and premium accounts that get rid of these ads. What is the feasibility and likelihood that something like this could be used in popular crags? I found that this camera is a great way to look at conditions before heading out. Just a potential suggestion that I can see being a good step forward for climbing!

replied 7 weeks ago.

The nature of surfing is very different to climbing. Surfers would like to see what the surf looks like now as part of their decision making. Climbers do not really need to know this.

This means it will be way harder to get financial support for a feature like this.

We still need financial support for our existing features though.

JSBC replied 7 weeks ago.

Just a simple - NO - mate. The best thing about climbing is escaping the masses (some days). I live on the Gold Coast and surfers literally live by the surf cams here. Our beaches are absolutely over packed and some days- surfing isn’t even possible with 200 people on one wave.

The last thing climbing needs is “big brother” monitoring on such a free sport and losing that true wilderness feel. I couldn’t think of anything worse to be honest! But I do like the fact you are thinking outside of the box for sure.


Michael C replied 6 weeks ago.

But then how can I prove to me mates I sent me project?

Monty Curtis replied 6 weeks ago.

Scenic World used to have a web camera of the entire valley below Katoomba which was somewhat useful for seeing weather conditions (fog). I think a general wide camera of the whole Shipley Glen area would be useful but would have to be locates in the backyard of someones private property.

Jason Smith replied 6 weeks ago.

That Scenic World web cam was gold. Only climbers would turn it away from the view and see if there was moisture on the roof. Checking out the local weather observations is a good bet - temp, wind and dew point are all there.

Dean Kabbout replied 6 weeks ago.

I do get that it would be quite the financial endeavour to undertake. It’s probably a bit be on the extremes of developments. Its also very true that there is a certain excitement into escaping into the unknown and climbing to conditions! Maybe on a smaller scale, having weather conditions that are relevant eg: rainfall, humidity, temperature etc. being available to see for certain areas. This could be information that is available from external weather websites. I’m unsure the feasibility of this as well. Just kind of hoping to put out ideas and get discussion about the sport we all love!

replied 6 weeks ago.

Evan Wells replied 6 weeks ago.

Dean youve really loved the sport soooo much looking at your impressive and varied list of ascents that you feel the urge to suggest .. nothing but surveillance .. your a walking turd. Get some cred.

zac replied 6 weeks ago.

Sounds like a horrible idea.

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