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  • Started: 6 weeks ago on Fri 15th Jan 2021

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James Keough started this discussion 6 weeks ago.

Blue Mountains Road Trip

Hey legends I'm an inspired sport climber from the Sunshine coast, I've been in awe of all the climbing the Blue mountains has to offer for years now and finally got my arse into gear and started planning a trip to get down there.

Anyway, as someone with time limited to only a few weeks, what are the absolute MUST DO sport/ Multipitch climbs in the blue mountains up to around grade 23, I want to make the most out of this experience!

Also, how does the climbing/ Grading compare to the crags around SE QLD?

I'm new to the Crag, absolutely loving seeing the broader climbing community supporting each other and providing useful information to help rock rats like myself. Cheers, Jimmy

Jared Tyerman replied 6 weeks ago.

Can seem stiff for grades in comparison to other places due to relatively unique style in Aus (big moves, small holds, but textured and positive for the most part - not quite all the way sharp).

I'd back Dragon's Egg at Porters Pass (23), pretty neat and a bit head-ie.

Monty Curtis replied 6 weeks ago.

Queensland modern sport crags are notoriously soft compared to NSW - and having good crimp strength and footwork really helps on the older style routes in the Bluies. Buy the print guidebook and follow the stars! You can;t really go wrong at crags such as Sublime, Shipley, Porters and Bardens for the grades you want.

Evan Wells replied 6 weeks ago.

There, Neil said it. Thats why I cant wait to get back to the sunshine state.

Will Monks replied 5 weeks ago.

Someone should add Qewbank to the grade conversion tables. Either that or maybe I just like saying Qewbank.

Jason Smith replied 5 weeks ago.

You mean I don’t just peak out of nowhere on Qld visits?

replied 5 weeks ago.

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