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  • Started: 6 weeks ago on Mon 18th Jan 2021

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Manolo Ruiz started this discussion 6 weeks ago.

How to change a crags URL

I have noticed some crags have nice URLs, with the name of the crag on them, while most of the other crags have some sort of ID.


El Texistle, México

Jilotepec, México

How can I create a URL like this for a crag?

replied 6 weeks ago.

Hi Manolo Ruiz this is a admin only function.

can you please add the link to the crag/region you would like to change together with the suggested url name.

I will create it for you afterwards. Thx for you contributions.


replied 6 weeks ago.

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Manolo Ruiz replied 6 weeks ago.

Thenk you Nicky. It is the first one from the examples. el-texistle would be great for the string.

Manolo Ruiz replied 6 weeks ago.

Great! Thanks Nicky

Jolle Jolles replied 6 weeks ago.

Hi Nicky, could you do the same for my local crag that I maintain? with suggested url-name being "rocacorba-boulder". Thanks!

replied 6 weeks ago.


Jolle Jolles replied 6 weeks ago.


Frank Madden replied 5 weeks ago.

Can you change this to Puente de Dios please.

replied 5 weeks ago.


replied 5 weeks ago.

Nicky that results in a 404 now.

replied 5 weeks ago.

Christoph Rauch thx i fixed it

thats why it is an admin function

Mark Gamble replied 5 weeks ago.


NOT A 404!!!!!


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