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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Mon 22nd Feb 2021

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Aidan Ireton started this discussion 7 weeks ago.

Roadside climbing

Anyone know if you can get in trouble for climbing on the side of the road.

replied 7 weeks ago.

It'll depend a lot on where it is, but here's some discussion in the New England context

There are some places with established climbs scarily close to roads. See Big Cottonwood Canyon for example.

replied 6 weeks ago.

You asked this in "Canada", and in Canada the rules for what is/isn't ok are a per-province thing (delegation of powers). Your only ticks are from Calabogie, which is Ontario -- so in Ontario, that would be (I think) be the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

I don't know what it says on this -- but my personal guess based on living in Ontario is that yes you can get in trouble for it -- but how likely will depend on how much of a hazard you are creating. An isolated rural road, lots of clearance from the road to whatever you are climbing and easy for traffic to see you -- probably, at most, you might get told to move on.

Aidan Ireton replied 6 weeks ago.

Thanks david.

I’m looking a at route on the side of highway 11 in North Bay. It has 3 accents but me being a broke college student I don’t have the money to pay a fine.

The route is called chasing water falls

replied 6 weeks ago.

Aidan, if you do go please take a photo to replace the current topo "borrowed" from google streetview.

mikemid37 replied 5 weeks ago.

Hey everyone. As you suspected, it is illegal to climb on the side of the road in Ontario

replied 5 weeks ago.


I hope you didn't find out the hard way!

replied 24 days ago.

You should be able to check some local maps to get an idea of if the climb is actually on the right of way or not, as long as it is off the right of way, and you aren't parked illegally it should be fine... Also assuming the climb isn't on private property with an owner that does not allow it.

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