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  • Started: 4 weeks ago on Mon 12th Apr 2021

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Bart Thierens started this discussion 4 weeks ago.

How to log unnamed climbs?

I often climb boulders in places that are not developed or climb a sequence that's not really an official route. If it was fun/hard/worthwhile I do like to log these... On I could just log it as "N.N." or similar and give it a grade.

How would I do that here? Let's say I want to log

  • an unnamed route in an existing area/crag
  • an unnamed route in an area that's not on this site... (and possibly not worth creating)

replied 4 weeks ago.

Hey Bart, then please add it as a new route/boulder, name it accordingly and tick it. Cheers!

replied 4 weeks ago.

Flo There are areas and crags which are not supposed to be published due to regional issues (which could result in access issues).

Thus sometimes it is just not possible / advised to put the routes online.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Andreas Aachen this is correct but in that case you can still log them as described above and make sure the access issue is correctly documented as well. We have procedures in place to "hide" / reduce info for these crags and typically work with the local advocacy group to keep it current.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Ulfi yes i am aware of those measures, but some crags are just not supposed to be found online at all. even your "hidden" crags turn up on a google search ;-)

replied 4 weeks ago.

Bart Thierens , I think what you are describing is one of's problems: their database of crags and routes is a mess because there are a lot of duplicate versions of routes and crags - because you can just create those on the fly instead of using proper crag and route objects.

Here's an example

So, to keep things clean and tidy, theCrag is more strict.

As mentioned by, Flo , just go ahead and create the routes and areas that are missing. If you think it's worth to tick, then obviously it's worth to create the route or area.

replied 4 weeks ago.

To create a new route/boulder for each personal variation will not work in each area. Sometime the locals are a bit picky with to much personal flavor in the index. We will work on a solid variation model in the long term. In the meantime you can log any given route with a grade of your choice. So you can log route X with another grade and state in your ascent note something like (linkup into Y at the top) ...

But this will not work in undocumented areas or sectors.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Nicky I remember a comment about the "linkup" feature creating routes on the fly....

See Ulf's comment here

replied 4 weeks ago.

I'm with Dominik, if somebody consider it worth climbing and ticking it should be here. In case of difficult situation too, but tagged as closed or forbidden, i have seen this discussion before here. In case of picky locals the route can be tagged as unofficial or listed in a unapproved section like here.

Bart Thierens replied 4 weeks ago.

Thank you all for your input. Much appreciated. I can agree to some extent with the statement "If you think it's worth to tick, then obviously it's worth to create the route or area.". I guess keeping the database tidy is a valid enough reason.

replied 4 weeks ago.

Andreas Aachen no this is not correct

Harald Rost replied 4 weeks ago.

Why Not simply Using the Test area creating Individual anonymized Crags or routes as subcategories under your Name? As Long as you just use it as a memorybook ...

replied 4 weeks ago.

there is no guaranty that data in the test area is persisted for ever. Also as it is a sandbox for testing this data can be change by many users for different reasons.

About the on the fly creation of link ups as new routes i am not sure this would be a new feature to me.

ThomasMertens replied 4 weeks ago.

I believe there is no striking solution. is made for sharing crags and comparing cpr.

Hiding crags and routes due to access problems is acceptable for a short time, but not on the long run.

Maybe a logfile on the own local machine is better ...

Manolo Ruiz replied 4 weeks ago.

I have the same situation. I went to some crag and climbed a bunch of routes. The developer did not approve me uploading the photos and info here, which I respect (it hurts me all the crag karma that I could have gained). Anyway, I would like to log my ascents just based on the grade so that my charts reflect the ascent that I made on that trip.

Maybe a generic area with dummy routes of all grades would be usefull for logging such ascents.

replied 4 weeks ago.

This is an interesting discussion developing here.

How about the following:

Recently I have built my own home climbing wall. I would really like to create and log my own boulder problems on theCrag (so it could show on the CPR).

That case might actually fall under >an unnamed route in an area that's not on this site... (and possibly not worth creating)

Any suggestions how to do this? The Test area...? Virtual area... ?

replied 26 days ago.

Dominik just create your gym - not in Test as this might be purged or "misused" - it could be a candidate for a "secret crag"

replied 26 days ago.

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