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  • Started: 19 days ago on Wed 21st Apr 2021

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Kori Eaton started this discussion 19 days ago.

Begining Rock Climbing

I’m a 17 year old living in Yamba (NSW), and really want to get into rock climbing but living in a regional area not sure where to start, and to my knowledge there are no rock climbing gyms in the area. I was wondering if anyone would have any advice on how to begin climbing in this area. Thankyou all.

zac replied 18 days ago.

Join your local rock climbing club or pay a climbing gudie to teach you or move closer to somewhere with climbing

replied 18 days ago.

You might be best getting in touch with the Coffs climbers FB page and seeing if someone lives closer to you, or if you can tag along

Kori Eaton replied 18 days ago.

Thankyou, will get onto it.

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