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  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Wed 2nd Jun 2021

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CarlosH started this discussion 8 weeks ago.

New to climbing in Ontario

Hey all, avid overseas climber a couple decades ago. First time climbing here. Want to take the kiddos (9 and 11) climbing. Can't lead as they can't belay. Any top-rope suggested areas / routes to start with? We are in Waterloo so I guess Halton/Rattlesnake is one of the best options? Thanks so much!

Johnathan Suderman replied 8 weeks ago.

Rattlesnake Point is the classic top roping destination with easily accessible bolts. There is a guide book available, "Ontario Climbing, Vol 1", or you can buy only the Rattlesnake Point guide on Rakkup. The information on theCrag isn't really detailed enough at most of the southern Ontario crags.

CarlosH replied 8 weeks ago.

Thanks very much Johnathan Suderman!

CarlosH replied 7 weeks ago.

Thanks very much Johnathan Suderman

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