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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Sat 5th Jun 2021

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Jeff logged a warning 7 weeks ago. Active

Fixed Gear Wooden broom handle

I forgot a wooden broom handle that I was using for cleaning and as a stick clip in the vicinity of this climb. If anyone finds it and picks it up please let me know.

Simon Mai replied 7 weeks ago.

Aw Jeff! i saw it on my way out, picked it up and put it again a nearby tree, thinking it belongs to the group of 3 at Tampon App.... Were you in that group of 3 ? We might have met unknowingly then !

Simon Mai replied 7 weeks ago.

Also are you Jeffery McKeough in the ottawa valley climbing FB group? Should add me as friend, i am constantly looking to extend my climbing partner circle !

Jeff replied 6 weeks ago.

Haha yes I was there. Sent you a friend request!

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