Discussion: Vehicle broken into at Julio's Parking

  • Started: about a year ago on Sun 13th Jun 2021

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Emma Ayling started this discussion about a year ago.

Vehicle broken into at Julio's Parking

Heads up to anyone climbing in Amatitlán, our truck was broken into today parked outside Julio's shop.

It was a clean job, no broken windows, they popped the seal and jimmied it open. Left it locked again so we didn't notice it right away. All they took was money but our truck door now needs repairs and we are reluctant to leave it parked there again while we climb.

Federico Villatoro replied about a year ago.

Hello Emma. I just saw this comment. Are you still around Guate_? Im sorry to hear about the car. I wish you would have contacted me. We could have arrange a safe and guided trip to Amati. Let me know if you are still around Guate. There is no Julio's Shop anymore by the way. The shop is now managed by someone else, and it has been totally safe. We usualy park on front of the "caseta" and we give Selvin Q5 for parking and checking on the cars and Q5 for letting us pass thru his property. Let us know when you want to go to Amati again. or any other climbing sites in Guate. We will be happy to show you around.

Emma Ayling replied about a year ago.

Hey mate, we're not in Guate anymore. It was just a brief trip.

Thanks for the offer but we prefer not to do guided trips. We are experienced climbers and i am familiar with the area.

I was aware the shop had changed hands but not the owners name, i refer to it as Julio's as that is how it is referenced on the crag. We also paid the 5Q to pass and for parking. That is why I posted about the robbery here - I don't want people to think it's safe just because they paid to park there. Since posting another friend mentioned to me they had had money stolen from their vehicle too. It is information i would have liked to know before parking my house there.


Federico Villatoro replied about a year ago.

Sad to know. Definitely not that common though. By guided I meant that you would not get there as an obvious foreigner but in company of a local. I think sometimes showing that you are there climbing with locals might stop the person who actually breaks in. Thanks for letting us know though, is definitely something to bring into discussion in the community. If nobody brings that up to the “Julio’s shop” people the situation might get worse with time. Cheers !

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