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  • Started: 5 weeks ago on Tue 15th Jun 2021

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Fehér Csaba started this discussion 5 weeks ago.

Old trad ascent changes as routes bolted

Hi, I had a few trad ascents on routes that are recently got bolted and also my ascent got changed to sport. Is there a way to log historical ascents for the same route e.g.. till a set date instead adding the same route as a historical trad one?

replied 5 weeks ago.

Yes there is the option to change the ticktype of your route from redpoint to greenpoint. That way the ascent of a sport route counts as trad. See:

Fehér Csaba replied 28 days ago.

I did change to greenpoint, but still counted as sport. Check Pamír 7- on my profile:

replied 28 days ago.

The ascent is definitivly counted as a Trad ascent. Look at the list of routes that are taken into account for your Sport CPR:,desc it isn't listed there. But the list of Trad routes does:,desc

The notable ascents summary displays it as sport red point. This could be a caching issue. Don't know if the stats are always computed instantly. Check your stats tomorrow again.

Fehér Csaba replied 24 days ago.

It still not shows trad in the grade pyramid.

replied 24 days ago.

I can confirm that greenpoints count towards the grade pyramid for sport climbing.

replied 24 days ago.

So this is probably a bug and needs to become an issue on github. Fehér Csaba are you able to create one?

replied 24 days ago.

Maybe just chop the bolts and change the route back to trad?

replied 24 days ago.

replied 24 days ago.

Fehér Csaba I had a look at the route again. Why is it sport now? It just has 1 bolt and the topo shows slings and a piton, not a bolt. Normally I would say a route with pre-placed slings is a trad route. If just one bolt was added to replace the piton I is still a trad route but with one bolt. This makes it a mixed-trad route. In the past I changed the style of routes to trad + bolts if it is possible to climb them without using the bolts.

Fehér Csaba replied 21 days ago.

The topo and the bolt number (1 piton) was outdated by recent bolting. I hadnt updated it.

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