Discussion: Bouldering together in Lofoten

  • Started: 13 weeks ago on Thu 24th Jun 2021

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Eugenia started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

Bouldering together in Lofoten

Hello! my name is Eugenia and I recently arrived in Lofoten ( Svolvær) to work for the summer. Is there anyone (in Svolvær or nearby) who would like sometimes to climbing some boulder together? I only have climbing shoes (I couldn't bring my crashpad from Italy), does anyone know where I could rent one? Thanks and see you soon, I hope. Eugenia

replied 13 weeks ago.

I suggest to post it in the forum for Lofoten for greater succes

Philip Curry replied 13 weeks ago.

Velkommen til Øyene Eugenia!

Your best bet is dropping a message on the climbing clubs facebook page. It´s quite active

Eugenia replied 12 weeks ago.

Tusen takk! Sorry if I write on the wrong place but I did not found the forum for Lofoten (tecnologically a mess 😅). Anyway I will look the facebook group too. Thanks!

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