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  • Started: 13 weeks ago on Sat 26th Jun 2021

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Franz started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

Add FA info with different name linked to my profile


This might sound a bit weird. I have made some first ascents 20 years ago. The routes are published in printed guides together with FA infos. In the meantime my second name changed, I used that (of course) for my theCrag account. If I now add the FA from within my account my current name will be displayed, which might confuse people (false FA claim). So is it possible to show a different name but still link to my profile?

Thx in advance

replied 13 weeks ago.

Enter your former name and use the diary/notes field of the route history entry to link to your profile (markdown Syntax is supported)

replied 13 weeks ago.

Lee Cujes wondering what your thoughts on this are as this applies to you too?

Franz replied 12 weeks ago.

Thx Kai. To get this right: I should edit the route, add first ascent with my former name and in the "extra notes" field I should link to my profile. OK, that's a workaround that works, but IMO looks weird:

The best solutions would be to either enable Markdown in the 'climbers' field or add aliases/pseudonyms users can add in the profile.

replied 12 weeks ago.

You could set the displayed name of your profile to "Franz Trischberger geborener..." if that fit better. At the end it is your decision how you want to maintain the information. The alias name would be a new feature and it is quite unlikely to be implemented in the near future I guess. I added the aka abbreviation as prefix to the notes field. Is that better?

replied 12 weeks ago.

I would actually do it the other way round: use the profile name in the climbers field and add the info about the name change in the notes field. Also maybe add the info to your profile description. But that might be just a matter of taste.

Franz replied 12 weeks ago.

In the end I went a different way I don't mind if my second name is missing from my profile. I'm not such a prominent person. This really is only about keeping things together so I have quick access to things I did and likely will do, and that others who found my routes nice to climb can try other creations of mine

Thx to everyone who suggested a solution!

replied 12 weeks ago.

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