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  • Started: 9 weeks ago on Sat 24th Jul 2021

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Creating a trip

Oh, I am blind, help me please. I cannot find the place or way where or how to create a trip in which to "bundle" the ascents of a climbing trip. I have done it before, I have searched the help section, but: Sorry... :-(

replied 9 weeks ago.

You're not blind - trips were removed some time ago.

You can make a list though.

replied 9 weeks ago.

Thank you!

replied 9 weeks ago.

Can I add ascents to a list or just routes/crags? i.e.: Am I blind?

replied 9 weeks ago.

Just routes and crags for now, but I think the Devs have plans for more.

I wasn't around for trips, so I don't know exactly what features they had.

replied 8 weeks ago.

I am looking for similar thing. I would like to collect crags for a trip. With lists I can only collect routes. Ok. No worries. So I choose a route. But in the list view I only see the route names without the crag name. This is not very handy, as you do not know where the route is without further clicks. Would be good if this information (crag name with link) could be added in the list view. Tx.

replied 8 weeks ago.

Holger Müller

It's not super obvious, but you can get the routes with crags when you click on the number of routes.

replied 8 weeks ago.

Dominik Thanks! This is really not very obvious. But it is what I was looking for.

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