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  • Started: 3 months ago on Fri 27th Aug 2021

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TimTam started this discussion 3 months ago.

Piton history

A link to an ever evolving series of articles on how folks climbed up walls starting around 1490's.

replied 3 months ago.

TimTam thanks for sharing- looks like interesting reading!

replied 3 months ago.

On the same topic, the history in Belgium - stick it in google translate if you will.

replied 3 months ago.

A long runout traverse, crumbling little foot holds, depressing hand slopers, dizzying exposure, increasing fear of a terrifying fall, no gear in sight, suddenly... like magic, the appearance of a... rusty piton!

replied 4 weeks ago.

Read the whole thing, thanks for sharing, that was fun!

Aaron replied 23 days ago.

What a cool read! Thanks

Hlod Wig replied 16 days ago.

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