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  • Started: 4 months ago on Thu 2nd Sep 2021

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Basilis Neu started this discussion 4 months ago.

Climbing buddy Slovenia

Hey guys I just moved to Ljubljana for a year now and am looking for climbing partners to go rock climbing. I'm a 29 year old architect who's been climbing his whole life and recently got back into it, can roughly climb up to 6c at the moment. Also have a car and gear here - so if there's anyone who'd like to go outside to climb regularly I'm in Basilis

replied 4 months ago.

Hi Basilis, will be in izola for +/- a month mid September to October, and looking for a climbing mate.. also have car and gear so we can explore different crags around. Let me know, am 45, level 6a/+, Greetings Ali.

ToxicD replied 4 months ago.

Will visit lj for the first October weekend plus Friday and Monday if you want to hit some crags.

replied 3 months ago.

Hi, if you are still looking for a climbing mate - happy to join. Am down at the coast, plenty of crags close here, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, all within 30min drive. Best, Ali.

Kuraima replied 10 weeks ago.

There's a Slovenian FB group (private, ask to join) for climbers: Climber prevozi. You can try finding some climbing friends there

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