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  • Started: 2 years ago on Tue 14th Sep 2021

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YaClimba logged a warning 2 years ago. Active

Fixed Gear Rockfall destroyed bolts

In 6th and 7th pitch about every second bolt is unusable. However, additional protection with friends is well feasible.

Michael Farthofer replied 7 months ago.

The name-giving sword of damokles is likely to have broken off and has done quite a bit of damage to the route. In the 7th pitch about every second bolt is destroyed (protection with friends is possible). However the second part of the pitch is very brittle due to the rockfall. The 8th pitch wasn´t damaged by the Rockfall. However the 9th pitch is very brittle and a lot of loose rock is in the route -> dangerous. The last pitch isn´t climbable anymore. Too much loose rock -> too dangerous. An alternative exit to the left is possible (III, only mobile protection, belay has to be built)

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