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  • Started: 9 weeks ago on Thu 30th Sep 2021

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started this discussion 9 weeks ago.

Pin not shown at the correct location

I have a weird issue where the "Open Guide" pin isn't shown at the correct location, even though the location box itself is at the correct place. I created this crag: and the pin shows up somewhere in the proximity, but not where it should be. Any ideas why?

Thanks, Tom

Freddie Chopin replied 9 weeks ago.

Looks ok to me now... Sometimes you just have to wait for the system to refresh caches and do stuff like that.

The only thing you can really mess-up is when you enter location information for individual routes, but I don't see anything like that in this crag.

replied 9 weeks ago.

yeah, I can confirm it's working now. I tried everything from flushing my browser's cache to using other browsers, so it definitely was a back-end issue. Anyways, glad it's working now.

Andre replied 8 weeks ago.

Next time this happens try doing a Shift + F5.

The normal F5 key is a webpage refresher, but pressing it while holding shift forces your browser to forget every previously stored data and load it "for the first time".

replied 8 weeks ago.

Never knew of that trick Andre, thanks!

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