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  • Started: 8 months ago on Tue 19th Oct 2021

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Liliana Costa started this discussion 8 months ago.

Climbing in Malta and Uk

Hello climbers  I am Lili. Living in London and rock climbing around Europe. If you visit let's climb together.

I am climbing in Malta between 8th and 17th if anyone is around?

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Alex Squirrel replied 4 weeks ago.

Hi Lili, is this still valid? I am making plans for a climbing trip late June/first half of July in UK/Europe. Thinking Luxembourg, Germany, France, but open to options. Still looking for a partner? I'm around 6a, 60kg, climbing 1-2 a week for past 2 years indoor and outdoor, would want to camp. I've climbed regularly in the Peak District (UK) and once in Portland, South coast UK.

Liliana Costa replied 4 weeks ago.

Hi Alex, always! However I am in Brazil returning to London on the 5th June...yes , lots of peak district climbs planned. Last 2 weeks July I am in Portugal if you fancy?

Alex Squirrel replied 28 days ago.

Great. I'm not available second half of July, but perhaps the first half in the UK, Peak District. Will let you know when plans firm up.

Liliana Costa replied 28 days ago.

Sounds like a plan

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