Discussion: Grade 9a/9a+ (franz) translate in UIAA?

  • Started: 12 weeks ago on Mon 25th Oct 2021

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Alma started this discussion 12 weeks ago.

Grade 9a/9a+ (franz) translate in UIAA?

The Grade 9a/9a+ (franz) is in the UIAA-scale not defined. 9a is XI, 9a+ is XI/XI+ and 9a/9a+?

replied 12 weeks ago.

If you remove the two questionmarks from your post, you already have the most precise answer.

Alma replied 12 weeks ago.

Not really. Is 9a/9a+ next to XI or next to XI/XI+?

replied 12 weeks ago.

Depends on who you ask. There are different sources with different answers. As far as I know, climbers have not made an agreement on very precise conversions. Correct me if I'm wrong.

replied 12 weeks ago.

If I remember a comment from Ulf some time ago, then theCrag does not consider 9a/9a+ to be a real grade.

here's a test route:

replied 12 weeks ago.

Just enter it in the grade Converter here:

Be aware that grades can not be converted one to one as the width and steepness of scales can be different - look at the translation table to see that. Especially UIAA is very wide and has difficulty handling (fake) precision as the dish grade you ask for.

Frank Evans replied 11 weeks ago.


Frank Evans replied 11 weeks ago.

11+ 12-

Evan Wells replied 11 weeks ago.

Get with the Ewbank system allready.

replied 11 weeks ago.

+1 for Evan

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