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  • Started: 6 months ago on Fri 10th Dec 2021

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Herr Jaro started this discussion 6 months ago.

[Greece] Kos - Hippocrates Boulders

Does anyone of you have more information about these blockfield in Kos? I have found this and Maybe someone is able to set some boulders onto the map. Would appreciate that because I am going in autmn 2022 on vacation there : ) Thanks Jaro

replied 6 months ago.

Hey Jaro, thanks for the hint! A boulder area on Kos can be pretty useful if the ferry to Kalymnos is not going due to storm, I know from experience

I did a little research, it seems the best boulder spot in Greece! There is not much on the internet, you will need to buy the guidebook for sure, but I added Kos and the area and everything I found: Kos - Hippocrates Boulders. Contribute here when you go there!

Cheers, Flo

Herr Jaro replied 6 months ago.

Hey Flo, thank you for adding the area. I tried to buy the guide but could not find a shop that is still selling it. Only Tinos was available. If you know any online shop I would buy it and transfer all necessary information. Also if I am there, I try to make some Photos of the area and add it here.

jim bean replied 6 months ago.

Hello, unfortunately this guidebook is no longer available anywhere, it discontinued for a long time. Its a pity cause some of the info of this guidebook, like the boulders in kos, was only on this guide book. The authors of this guidebook created a lot of boulder problems around greece so they made this guide book to publish their work. Unfortunately bouldering at the time of publishing wasnt so popular in Greece so many of their crags (excluding tinos)remained unclimbed. I guess this is the case also in kos , most of the problems will be unclimbed for a long time since locals dont climb that much/at all?. I hope someone in the possession of the guidebook watches this thread and adds the info on the crag.

Herr Jaro replied 6 months ago.

I even thought of writing the author but unfortunately he died 5 years ago. I am now contacting the publisher and maybe i can get my hands on a pdf or something. If not, it will be hard to find a copy out there! I also think I can only make hundreds of pictures of the blocks and hopefully in the next 10 years some people will try to climb them.

Agne Stockute replied 6 months ago.

I'm too interested in this book! Especially in the area in Maronia. It has a huge potential as bouldering area. If anyone gets the book, please let me know!

Herr Jaro replied 6 months ago.

Hey Agne Stockute If I get my hands on I will let you know and also add all necessary infos here. Might take some time though.

Agne Stockute replied 6 months ago.

Herr Jaro Thank you!

Scott Hailstone replied 5 months ago.

Following for the future

Herr Jaro replied 5 months ago.

I hope to get the pdf ready by early January. So far I started to add all relevant information here. I will let you know as soon as I am ready

Herr Jaro replied 4 months ago.

I think I could do the best work without adding the pictures that are copyrighted. I will be on Kos in late September and try to take as many pictures as I can. Hope this will make this area more interesting for visits.

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