Discussion: Hi! I will be in Switzerland April - mid July and am looking for climbing partners. I’ll be based in

  • Started: 3 months ago on Wed 23rd Feb 2022

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Anouk Erni started this discussion 3 months ago.

Hi! I will be in Switzerland April - mid July and am looking for climbing partners. I’ll be based in the Vallis but can travel by train to other areas. I’m also open to climbing in other parts of Europe. I’m looking to climb everything from sport to alpine trad, depending on conditions. Can lead mid 10s in both but hoping to get stronger in my training. Let me know if you want to climb!

replied 3 months ago.

Hi Anouk Erni, welcome to Europe! 10s of UIAA or French or another grading system? 🙂

Anouk Erni replied 3 months ago.

Hi Georg, Sorry about that - 10s would correspond to French grades of 6a to 6b+.

replied 3 months ago.

No worries 🙂 Reading these grades, you'd likely be bored to climb with me and my mates as we're fighting gravity only up to French 5c on good days.

April is in many areas still too cold & snowy to climb – best is south facing dark rock at low altitude. One warm enough and IMHO very scenic area is around lake "Lago Maggiore", e.g. may be worth a look. Some crags like Ponte Brolla (a little off the lake's north end) offer routes with no holes, no ledges, no nothing but only pure friction climbing – if you've never done that, it's IMHO definitely worth the mental challenge 😉 and after the fun, you'll find routes of your grades few minutes walk to the east.

Have a great time climbing in Switzerland & neighbouring countries!

Anouk Erni replied 3 months ago.

When I first get over there in April I will most likely be climbing in the 5b/c range 70% of the time, since I haven’t climbed at all this winter and am retraining my shoulder after a surgery from last fall. I have climbed in Punte Brolla before and would love to go back there. I don’t mind climbing easier terrain and just doing more laps to get the mileage in. I’m looking for partners for all sorts of climbing, so if you’re thinking of heading down there at some point keep me in mind?

Alex Squirrel replied 4 weeks ago.

Hi Anouk, how are you set for late June/first half of July. I am making plans for a climbing trip and Switzerland is amazing. Still looking for a partner? I'm around 6a, 60kg, climbing 1-2 a week for past 2 years indoor and outdoor, would want to camp.

Alexandru Ionita replied 4 weeks ago.

Hi! I will also be in Switzerland starting with mid-june I plan to do sport routes in the range 6a-7a, and also some easier multi-pitch/alpine (I don't know for sure). I am thinking of doing this:

Alex Squirrel replied 4 weeks ago.

That looks absolutely fantastic. I won't be able to climb 7a, but can belay. That's not much use on a multi-pitch of course, but if you're happy to do multi-pitch on lighter grades and sports climbing on individual climbs then that's cool.

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