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  • Started: 14 weeks ago on Thu 17th Mar 2022

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Stefan Kuntnawitz started this discussion 14 weeks ago.

looking for challenging alpine climbing partners

i do not have to work for one year beginning in august 2022. So i am looking for climbing partners for challenging routes. i did climb much in the dolomities (italy) and i am lokking forward for new intresting spots in the world like charmonix, yosemity,... if you like to climb some crazy stuff with me, write me a message...

Lamπ[tm] replied 14 weeks ago.

Schau mal hier:

Die Jungs sind für jeden Scheiß zu haben.

replied 14 weeks ago.

Hi Stefan, I'm looking for a partner to do some long lines in the Alps this summer. What grades are you comfortable on? Do you have any multipitch experience?

Stefan Kuntnawitz replied 14 weeks ago.

Danke für die Info Lampi.

Nice to meet you Jef. i did a lot fo multipitches in the past years. espacially in dolomietes in area tre cime. A few between 7a and 7c, boltet and not so boltet... . i really would like to climb "Albenliebe" at tre cime (500m 7c). and much more...

replied 13 weeks ago.

Hi Stefan. Nice, wow, you have a pretty decent level. If we're to climb together I'll have to dial up my game I'm more of a 6a-6c climber, especially when it comes to multipitch climbing. I recently bought a book called 'Longlines: Die ganz grossen Klettereien der Nördlichen Kalkalpen'. It has some amazing lines in it. Some have more than 30 pitches. Routes like Aquaria at Wetterstein or Kathedrale at Rätikon. Truly amazing stuff. I was thinking the first half of August maybe. Let me know what you're looking for and what your plans are. We could keep in touch!

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