Discussion: How to delete an unwanted Topo image?

  • Started: 5 months ago on Sat 9th Apr 2022

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How to delete an unwanted Topo image?

Trying to update a couple too photos that where originally uploaded with lines already drawn on them to new clean images of the boulders. I did the first photo and now have it linked to the problem but cannot delete the old photo. I have gone to edit > Topo Admin but then there is no option to delete? Area: 朱家尖Zhujiajian

Min He replied 5 months ago.

Maybe because you do not have enough privileges to delete topo yet. I have an option to remove. Which one do you want to delete?

replied 5 months ago.

We have just been fine tuning some permissions and I think this may have caused topo deletion to become more difficult.

We will look into this in the next meeting and discuss how to deal with it.

Yes, it currently requires additional privileges but there is no framework to manage these additional privileges.

It is a case of making changes in one place effects somewhere else.

replied 5 months ago.

Currently having the same issue. The option in topo admin doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Thanks for your help Simon! Hopefully we have a solution soon.

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Min He replied 5 months ago.

Michael Picone, I have removed that topo. Let's hope we will have better privileges configuration for topo admin as pointed out by Simon.

replied 5 months ago.

Thanks Min, and Thanks Simon.

replied 5 months ago.

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Aneng replied 9 weeks ago.

Hi I'm facing the same issue today. Can't find the delete button. Only discard button is shown, when i pressed it nothing happen. Please assist.

Min He replied 9 weeks ago.

Aneng You could send me the topo links.

Aneng replied 7 weeks ago. The first 2 picture on the top. Thank you.

Min He replied 7 weeks ago.


Aneng replied 7 weeks ago.


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