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  • Started: 10 weeks ago on Wed 1st Jun 2022

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Petr Melichar started this discussion 10 weeks ago.

Shady, cold area in Europe for summer

A shady, cold area WITHOUT PEOPLE, anywhere in Europe? Single or multipitch. Sport style prefered but could be trad. Something close to Lofoten style, or something in the Alps, but without ice axe and crampoons! Also recommendations of area like Frankenjura are welcome.

The best summer clothes are 2 t-shirts, a light sweatshirt, a feather and a membrane jackets 😆 see video in link.

Lamπ[tm] replied 10 weeks ago.

Jedem Tierchen sein Pläsierchen

László Csengeri replied 5 weeks ago.

Plenty of shaded crags and limestone quarries in the Peak District - UK. Even more plentiful cool places in Scotland, where it is guaranteed that you will not see many people (if any at all).

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