Discussion: Climbing in Zadielska Dolina Slovakia

  • Started: 8 months ago on Mon 4th Jul 2022

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László Csengeri started this discussion 8 months ago.

Climbing in Zadielska Dolina Slovakia

Hi, I was wondering what are the latest rules on climbing in Slovakia? Someone at another forum mentioned that you have to be a member of their climbing association in order to climb on any of the crags, but I cannot find this information on any of their official website.

replied 8 months ago.

So far as I know, you don't need special permission (unless it is said on the crag explicitly) to climb. However if you want to access rocks in the 4th and 5th level of protection (e g. multipitch in High Tatras) that is outside of tourist routes, JAMES membership allows you to get there.

replied 8 months ago.

László Csengeri replied 8 months ago.

Thanks for clarifying this, much appreciated!

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